Product Review: Zaron Face Primer

While cleaning my make up brushes last night, I realised a good number of my make up items were quick heading towards the empties category. One of such is the Zaron Face Primer (EZ01).

I thought for a bit if I would like to repurchase it and to help decide, I resorted to sharing my honest opinion in a review.

Preference: How I Chose the Zaron Face Primer (EZ01)

Having used make up products on my bare skin for over 4 years (except when I am getting it done professionally), I finally decided early this year to make necessary changes. I mean, I had read posts about make up application, watched videos and had a good idea of what it is takes to get a nicely finished makeup.

Zaron Face Primer phaytea's pulse

From experience, I could know that applying make up on a dry or bare skin never gives the best result so I searched for a make up base that is affordable and easy to find.

In this post, I mentioned I had I purchased some make up products and even shared my first ever conscious make up haul. The Zaron Face Primer (EZ01) was among the products I bought. I chose it because it is a Leading Nigerian Cosmetic Brand and I had heard a lot about it since 2011/2012.

Prior to this, I had not read any review or used any Zaron product, so this product was purchased based on advert. My only expectation was – hope it serves the duty of a fine makeup base.

Did it? You will find out soon enough.

Zaron Face Primer (EZ01) Packaging

The Zaron Face Primer (EZ01) has a minimalist packaging. Off the record guys, somewhere in my head, I have zoned white and black as minimalist colours.

The first contact with this package is a dominantly black carton that has a picture of the item on it. On opening the black carton, you will find a white 40ml squeezable tube with a black transparent cover.

The inscriptions are in black and the only touch of colour is the brand name which is written in red (it also serves as the brand logo). So you see, very minimalist packaging.

Following the trend of most liquid/gel – like make up products, it comes with a pump which makes it easy to dispense. The black transparent cover also fits tightly and will not open unless it is done intentionally.


I am usually very sceptical about the products I use on my skin especially my face (blame it on the bad experience I had after I used a particular product that was supposed to clear my acne in the university) and this is why it took me a month to start using this product after I had bought it.

After much stalling, I chose a Saturday morning to try out the Zaron Face Primer. In my head, any bad reaction will show up before the weekend is over and I will get the chance to treat it. I know, I know…. i just had to be careful in case there’s a reaction eventually. Luckily, it passed the test. No reaction and no itchy sensation. Whew!!

Out of curiosity, I also checked to see what ingredients were in this clear gel-like product that didn’t give me any irritation. First, I was happy it is a pareben-free product and it contained cyclopentasiloxane (silicon based). A bit of a tongue twister there but it was good to also find out that the Zaron Face Primer contained ingredients that decreases discomfort, leaves the skin healthier and generally safe to use.

As good as this sounds, I am gradually drifting towards the group of people that prefer organic based products. Most cost effective substitutes have their disadvantages in the long run.

I like that the product has answers to frequently asked questions inscribed on it. It has a ‘how to use’ guide and suggests that the product is fit for people with normal to combination skin. This means that it works well with any skin type. I have a combination skin and i attest to this claim.

As an oil free instant pore filler, I would say it does make my pores appear smaller or not visible at all. Again, this might be because my pores are not large.

Since I wear my make up almost natural, the Zaron Face Primer is a perfect base for my foundation. As inscribed on the package, it extends foundation wear as mine stays for up to 5 to 6 hours before my first touch up.

I use the Zaron Face Primer as a stand alone base but it can be used on top of a moisturizer. I like that one would not need to deal with a foul odour.


I have used the Zaron Face Primer for about three months and I must commend a good effort when I see one. However, let me put it out there that this product does not extend foundation wear all day (not like I expected it to stay all day though).

I have to touch up after like 5 – 6 hours after application which i think is reasonable. If you will use this, expect to touch up once in a while if you use only a primer, foundation and powder. This might also be the case if you are exposed to heavy sunlight or activities that require physical strength.


Being that I only needed a regular makeup base that will give a smooth finish, the Zaron Face Primer actually lives up to its promise. As inscribed on the tube, it gives the skin texture a flawless velvety – smooth finish. I apply it with my fingers and I literally feel it glide easily while I work the product around my face.

If you like an almost natural makeup finish and are looking to purchase an affordable make up base, the Zaron Face Primer is your ‘go to’.

It currently sells at 4,000 (USD 11.10) here or and 3,800 (USD 10.54) here but I bought it at 3500 during the black friday sale last year.

Will I repurchase this product?

I Will love to sound like Oliver twist and say I want some more but what I really mean is, I would love to try out other brands. This has served for about three months but I really want to explore other brands out of curiosity.

This is the first primer I have used and it will be nice to have another product to compare it too.

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Have you used a Zaron Face Primer before?

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