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#WordSearchSeries #10: Ginormous + PDA on Social Media

Hi Lovelies,

It is hump day and I am hoping we have been feeding only positive thoughts so far.

It is no longer news that i tilt towards a lot of positivity and mindfulness so when I ran into the wake up call with kevin, I had to dig out all the posts that resonated with my interest.

…and voila!!! We found a word that caught our attention waiting patiently in this piece -> ‘when the views became bigger‘. Do check out the post if you have some time.

For #WordSearchSeries today, the word is GINORMOUS. 


Sounds like Enormous yea?

Well, if you think so then you should see this:

Ginormous means:

  • Extraordinarily large in size, extent, power or degree.

Exactly the same meaning as enormous right?

If you didn’t already know the word, feel free to alternate enormous and ginormous in your sentences.

And thanks to kevin for inspiring today’s #WordSearchSeries.

For #WonderWednessday,  I’m wondering…

Should Public Display of Affection be a thing on Social Media?

This topic came up as a discussion between some friends and I when my favourite Nigerian RnB singer announced his engagement to a super stunning actress.

Prior to this, they had starred in a movie titled The Wedding Party late 2016 and the lady had been a love interest in one of his music video as well.

The Wedding Party is now available on Netflix if you will love to see it.

Basically, everyone thought the red carpet appearances were as a result of the movie/music video promotion and all.

They brewed a relationship and managed to keep it out of the prying eyes of the media/social media.

You can imagine how shocked a lot of people were when the engagement was announced and a week later they got married traditionally.

Super excited for Bankyw and Adesua. They make such a lovely couple. Here’s a music video of them together.

They are cute together right?

With the number of marriage separations and relationship breakups in the news, i have heard a lot of people blame social media. 

This is not limited to celebrities as everyone somehow gets affected by publicly displaying their relationship on social media (either good or bad).

I think it is an individual choice. If the couple agrees to posting pictures and mushy comments on social media accounts, then they must be ready to face the prying eyes of the public.

I totally love love, so I definitely admire couples who decide to feed our eyes with their beautiful private business.

I also know some couples decide to keep their relationship away from social media until there’s an official wedding party.

There are those who do not like social media at all.

But I’m still wondering guys, what do you think about publicly displaying relationships on social media?

Does social media play a part in ending relationships?

Do you think couples should have a conversation about this topic?

Will you publicly display your relationship on social media?

Share your thoughts….

I’ll love to read from you 

Love, Peace and Cupcakes


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